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30-10-2002, 03:58 AM
Hi, this is Piyumi Samaraweera, Project Manager of LiveWIRE Sri Lanka. Had
a quick request/suggestion regarding various LiveWIRE workshops that we
collectively conduct. Please let me know if any of your prgrammes have
captured any/parts of these workshops on camera. If so, we in SL would
love to try and share some of that material. We too are in the process of
video taping our workshops (which we mostly conduct in the vernacluar,
Sinhala)so that we can share it with others... we'll have to wait until an
English woprkshop comes up or subtitle it for it to be of any use outside
of Sri Lanka.

Also, if there are any LiveWIRE Members from your programmes who are
interested in importing Sri Lankan handicrafts, we have a LiveWIRE "Young
Business Start-up Awards" finalist from 2000 (Buddhadasa Obeysekara)who has
some great products. He mostly produces wood-based items which are
currently been exported, except it's via a middle-party, which clearly he
would like to avoid. If there's any interest, please let me know so I can
get more details on his products, prices, contact details etc.

Thanks all!


chris q
07-02-2003, 01:51 PM
I am alwways interested in quality horse carvings so if your member has any please email photos and details to: maybay55@hotmail.com. Check out the site at www.yourgifthorse.com to see the kind of products we have.