View Full Version : what is possible with this amount of capital?

05-10-2004, 03:19 PM
hello to everybody,

i am new here although i check the boards every so often.i need some assistance with my business studies.

first a little about me,i am 24 years old and a part time student although a full time mum! i work also,but a couple of months back i got interested in self employment and all that goes with it and i have joined a course at my local college.its in the evenings and we learn the basics,eg.sole trader v. company,martketing etc.i hope to establish a retail shop selling childrens goods.

but thats in the future,anyway in the next session on thursday we will be discussing finance and the talking point will be:
if you had 1000 to spend as your total budget what business could you launch with that amount-if anything?

has anyone got any good ideas? i dont want to look stupid so if you dont mind sharing i would be grateful.i thought about window cleaning/office cleaning business,being a market trader-although stock may be problem,selling items through a party plan system,ebaying-same problem with stock.

my ideas seem basic and i dont think they would generate enough income to keep a small family.but getting a shop etc is not possible,does anyone have any ideas what services may be could be offered-that way you could work from home??

sorry for the long post,thanks for your time.


burty bassitt
05-10-2004, 04:11 PM
I would purchase a bunch of cheap components and put them together to make a "new" product.


Womens Plain White Knickers
Iron on David Beckham* Transfers


You could knock em off on eBay I reckon.

Another Example:

Make paper mache "towers" in the style of Chinese Pagodas.
Buy some clock kits (you can get 100 for about 100)
Put a clock in the pagoda you made.
Sell on eBay

Whatever you do, it just takes some lateral thinking. Hope that helps.

* or whoever/whatever. Maybe rudolph the reindeer in time for Xmas. You get the drift.