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22-09-2004, 09:13 AM
hi guys. can any web savvy users have a look at my site? im getting around a 9% sign up rate/ratio to visitors but am yet to make a sale. i dont know if it is to do with the site or the prices etc so can anyone take a good look and give the site a very critical review?


22-09-2004, 12:30 PM

This is my overall impression of what makes a Computer Retail website and things i generally don't feel are best.

1). Login for price list.

I don't think anyone should "have" to sign up to view a price list, get it up and shown to people straight away. Let your prices do some work!

2) Letter to Return to Confirm Order.

Another step which i feel may get in the way of a sale. (Altho i understand your reasons for it)

I think this gives another "get out of the order" possibility just by not sending the letter back, so a simple change of mind after buying and you miss any profit.


On the top bar, you have, Home, Login, SignUp, Cases, etc ...... But where's the PC's link? , if i'm on the Cases page there's no consistent menu to every section. Instead it's all put on the Index page! (Which is also packed with company information)

Index Page

Remembering that this page might be the only page a visitor view's, why o why is all the systems put on the side?

Make a BIG splash on this page, show what you got.

I think you should lose the info in the middle of that page to another, and then create boxes in the center which allow greater detail of your products and as such are right infront of me.

Products Box on Front page

I'm a new pc user (not really but run with it!) i see this box? navigation? And it says "Silver Athlon" , whats that i think... Is it a printer? (I know you may think thats stupid, but not everyone knows who AMD are, infact alot of PC users i know think "Intel" is inside everything!

So i think you should split these sections to Desktop PC's, and Workstation PC's. And then show your products.

This would make far more sense to my Nan who sends the odd email and knows what a Desktop PC is, but maybe not a Silver Athlon.

Remember KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

I think Dabs.com is the level set to go for, they make millions so can't be wrong.


22-09-2004, 11:07 PM
Dave, sent my address to you. Will have a proper look at the site soon.

What date are we looking at for delivery?