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31-08-2004, 07:53 PM

Im now looking to diff options for marketing my website. I have done the 'norm' type advertising of adverts in mags, banner ads on sites, forum posting, flyers through doors etc but I now need to get my website more exposure.

Now i know nowt about SEO so ive been recommended Google Adwords, has anyone any feedback, good or bad, about this advertising program??

If youve got any other pointer whould love to hear them, cheers


31-08-2004, 08:57 PM
Well, it is not expensive to do, its just deciding on the right words to bid on, that will give you sales, rather than click-throughs. The good thing is you can change your mind very quickly and its not that expensive (you can limit it to £2 a day if you want)

Overture does a similar thing (infact google has just paid out £millions for breaching their patent) although it is more expensive.
This is overtures keyword picker and there are links to sign up:

Espotting does the same sort of thing as well, although they are much more strict than Google over the adverts as they must be very relevant: https://www.espotting.com/home.aspeSpotting (https://www.espotting.com/home.asp)

Its worth looking a SEOCHAT (http://www.seochat.com) for a bit of help in getting your website to be more prominent.

I'd be more than greatful for any details of any other affiliate and banner ad sites for merchants and their relevant merits.

01-09-2004, 12:01 AM
Adwords is a black art - much like SEO...you've got to get it right - then rely on people actually clicking on your link in amongst all the others.

I tried it for a month, cost me £46...not even a sniff...never again! :)

01-09-2004, 09:17 AM
I had a free £50 google ad coupon, and although it raised the number of hits to my website, I didn't get anything worthwhile out of it. Certainly no new clients or even potential leads. Maybe it depends on what service/product you are offering.

01-09-2004, 10:54 AM
in recent addition of NMA (new media trade press) was that the spend was starting to swing back towards traditional SEO from adwords.

We have seen that with a number of high profile clients, including Blue Chips backing out of adwords and PPC. The extra competition and saturation of the market is pushing up the price making it less competitive than traditional SEO.

Also in many markets, especially youth brands, music, media, etc, people are reluctant to click on "paid" links as they see these as adverts, they would rather click on a link in the natural results as they see this as being more "authentic" and "relevant"

So after an initial flood, it looks like people are looking again at SEO.


James Hirst
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01-09-2004, 11:01 AM
Seo isn't difficult, just time consuming: www.trulyace.com/searchengineoptimisation.html - for easy to carry out tasks to improve your ranking and gain clicks as a result.

I have used pay per click extensively in the past, and whilst it does gain sales - the cost involved obviously eats into profit considerably as you have to pay a fair sum to gain each client, and personally I believe seo to be more cost effective as far as making a profit is concerned.

Although it costs 'time' this isn't actual money being spent, just time instead, which although means I have to work a few more hours each week, it keeps my profit margin higher over the year.



01-09-2004, 11:07 AM
I beg to differ with you Amanda, SEO can be very difficult.

A client of mine wants a high ranking for the keyword "remortgage" amoungst others.

This is one of the most competitive keywords around, I can assure you getting a good ranking with this isn't easy.

In a case like this, Adwords would be most productive.

01-09-2004, 11:13 AM
To be honest, I think that a blend of the two works best, its the approach that most of our larger clients now take.

The started with SEO, as adwords got a lot of press many shifted all or most of their resources into that, now they are swinging the other way with SEO and PPC working in unison.

Getting a good listing under remortgage would be very difficult, but getting it with a qualifier such as "remortgage london" or "remortgage uk specialist" etc might be simpler.

If you can identify a range of niche phrases then the traffic can add up and be very cost effective.

Why not drop us a line on James@a4internet.com with details of what you are trying to appear under and we can get back to you with our SEO proposal. You could then compare it to adwords and the like and make an informed decision.


James Hirst

01-09-2004, 11:28 AM
I agree James, if you are going to use ppc, it can be more productive to use less popular keywords.

This is something you often realise once you get into using adwords and have used them extensively - that using a word such as that (remortgage) will get a ton of clicks but not necessarily lots of sales, and that it can be better to be more specific as then your clicks are far more targetted and then more likely to become sales.

I'm not against ppc, and will probably launch a small campaign again myself in a month, but I think that seo should be used in conjunction with this and seo is often ignored by businesses because they don't understand it, or don't have faith in it.......I also didn't mention that other marketing methods should also be employed for true success including viral marketing for example.

Most businesses should use a whole range of marketing techniques to gain trade rather than rely on one only - this also helps them to realise which are most effective for their particular business and in turn which to focus most their energy on.