View Full Version : Investor / loan required for mineral water business in Karachi

01-06-2004, 09:14 PM
I am a resident of Pakistan and resides in Karachi, there is huge crisis of pure, clean, drinkable water in Pakistan that's why people prefer to use expensive mineral bottled water over government supplied contiminated water recently dozens of innocent people lose there precious lives just for this in Hyderabad.

I am 24 years of age, young and dynamic Pakistani and have completed my masters in Computer Science and am doing masters in Public Administration, started a business of supplying mineral pure water which was duly process through reverse osmosis plant but I had to shut my business down due to some financial termoils, now I want to restart my business which was runned through my own resident and was not certified through ministry of health and water and sewage board nor was tested through a standard laboratory.

This time I have fully examined all in and outs of this business and have made a comprehensive feasibility plan to start a business fully geared technically and am positive to produce huge yield in the light of my good comprehension with market and business conditions in Pakistan.

In order to do so I need a loan / investment of Rs. 15,00,000/-
(Rupees One Point Five Million) equivalent to Euro 2,200/-
(Euro Two Thousand Two Hundred) I require it as a soft loan and may share profit with my partner depending on the type of agreement.

Any serious person or institution may contact me, I would love to share my thoughts.

Syed Asghar Husain
Address: A-411 Abid Apartment (Town), Block-2 Gulshan-e-Iqbal
Karachi P.O Box 75300