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02-03-2012, 11:19 AM
As belts tightened across the country with the onset of what has many names but is generally understood to be ‘The Economic Crisis’ it wasn’t long before less scrupulous employers, feeling the strain, seemed to be taking advantage of a fearful climate to erode employee rights and working conditions, on the understanding that anyone lucky enough to have a job should consider themselves thankful and acknowledge, with due humility, their dependency on said job. The power dynamics of panic facilitated exploitation and led many to believe they were helpless and disempowered, that they had to put up with degrading conditions and demanding workloads, as job losses led to responsibilities being spread across fewer personnel, with more pressure on targets and less margin for error. Motivational incentives could be replaced with motivational whips, as confidence in the job market fell in tandem with confidence in the global economy.
To use the past tense here may be wildly optimistic and dismissive of the fact that...
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