View Full Version : Young entrepreneurs wanted!

01-03-2004, 12:53 PM
Enterprise Insight is committed to help create an enterprise culture amongst young people in the UK, aged 15-25 years. To this end, they are preparing a campaign designed to reach (potential) young entrepreneurs. In order to develop this campaign, they have asked us at HeadlightVision to talk to young entrepreneurs, and young people who are considering being entrepreneurs, with a view to understanding how to connect with these audiences effectively, in an inspiring way.

We would like to talk to you as a young person involved in enterprise, in order to use your own experiences to connect with and inspire other young people. If you are able to participate, this would involve:

Attending a group discussion on the evening of Thursday 4th March, lasting 1 hour
Taking home 2 small pieces of work to complete (which we will collect a week later): 1. A Media Diary, to be completed over 7 days, and detailing things and people that influence you, things you notice; 2. Life Wheel painting a picture of their lives now
(You will be paid 40 for this involvement)

Additionally, we may ask you to attend a second meeting a Workshop this time on the evening of Thursday 18th March, lasting 3 hours
If you are selected to attend this we would pay you an additional 30.

Both sessions will be held in South London. If this involves difficult travel for you, we are willing to pay for trains/buses/petrol/taxis (please let us know in advance if you will require this). Thank you for your time. If you have any questions please call me on 07961 885 381.