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07-12-2011, 04:40 PM
Hi all,

We've launched a really useful and easy to use service for entrepreneurs and startups - StartUP LunchBox. We've currently got a deal running on Startups.com for 50% off so check it out!

Here's more about what we do:

1. Resource Database comprised of 2,000 service providers and tools in over 90 different categories. The database also has a special focus on highlighting free tools and services. From website-building platforms to telephone/video conferencing to workspace directories and much more!
2. Investor Database is comprised of 1,000 investors with a special focus on funding for your early stage business. There are 300 Seed and Angel Funds, 200 crowd funding platforms - for something different - plus proposal hosting sites and traditional venture capital funds.
3. Articles which provide practical "how to" advice about starting up for less using the services and tools in the Startup Lunchbox databases.For instance, guides like the Startup Smart Series for launching and running on a budget of under $250.
4. Templates - legal and financial templates. Including: Website T&C's, Non-disclosure agreement, Privacy Policy and more.