View Full Version : New company name same as company in other country?

22-06-2011, 08:24 PM
Looking to start a new venture and I have created a list of names that I've come up with for business name - I've googled them to see if there are any companies with the same URL on the planet.

What happens if these names are used by a business in NZ - would it not be advisable to go with them as I could be forced to change in future or worse??? I have checked companies house in UK and there are none with same name.



22-06-2011, 10:57 PM
I would say it isn't advisable to go with them,if you've found out that there's somewhere out there with the same name and choose something unique! Well,if it doesn't have any then..good luck on your venture! :)

30-06-2011, 08:09 AM
If the business you plan to operate is solely within a region and does not compete / overlap with that other business then there should be no such issue

Even locally there can be businesses with the same or similar names
If they offer completely different products / services, then there is usually no such issue

Also, make sure the identity of your business is clearly different, if the names are the same or similar, thus avoiding passing off

For example :
The business in New Zealand solely sells in the Australasia area, providing medical items
Your business is UK based sells in Europe, also providing medical items
There would be no issue, as they do not overlap
The business in New Zealand sells worldwide, providing medical items
Your business is UK based and also sells worldwide, selling food items
There would be no issue