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10-03-2011, 03:38 PM
If you have any special offers, deals, discounts or promotions for fellow Shell LiveWIRE members in the month of April 2011 ONLY please post them below :)

01-04-2011, 09:22 AM
As a welcoming gift for the new financial year anyone who opens an account with us in April quoting Livewire will receive 10 free calls on our 88p per call service and 20 free calls on our 99p per call service.

Full details of our services below:

• UK based call centre
• Ability to provide 24/7 – 365 call answering as standard across our service range at no extra cost
• Can divert as many or as few calls to us as you wish, whenever you wish
• Account set up is Free of Charge
• No Monthly Management fees
• No fixed term contract only 30 days notice to cancel – this means you are never tied into a long term commitment

We have 2 levels of service available – Answer-4U 888 and Answer-4U Flexi.

888 Service

Our 888 service is the most cost effective answer service in the UK. In fact, it is the cheapest in the UK at only 88p per call with free email delivery!
• Answer all calls in your company name, then take the caller’s name, company name, telephone number and the reason for their call
• Call is ended “Thank you for your call, I will ensure your call is returned as soon as possible.”
• Automatic email with message details as soon as the call terminates
• Fixed cost per call of just 88p – that includes the email delivery also.

o Advanced Call Credit - £25.00 – this is topped up monthly depending on how many calls you we have received on your behalf
o Fixed inbound call charge - 88p
o Minimum Monthly Call Usage - 10 calls per month
You do not have to guarantee 10 calls per month too us, but if you get fewer than this you will be charged £8.80 as a minimum to allow us to cover our basic staffing costs.

Flexi Service

For a more comprehensive service, the Flexi Service priced at just 99p per call is a more bespoke and tailored solution.

• Answer all calls to your exact specification, and you can devise your own script that we will follow word for word
• 6 questions of your choice. i.e. full name – address – email address – what product they would like to buy – where they saw you advertised – best telephone number to contact them on etc etc…
• Different questions for each different call route are available i.e. if it is a new business caller we could ask any 6 questions of your choice to the caller – if it was an existing customer call we could ask a totally different set of 6 questions and so on and so forth.
• Send this message through to up to 5 email addresses – the total cost is just 99p per call

o Advanced Call Credit - £50.00 – this is topped up monthly depending on how many calls you we have received on your behalf
o Inbound call charge - 99p
o Minimum Monthly Call Usage - 20 calls per month
You do not have to guarantee 20 calls per month too us but if you get fewer than this you will be charged £19.80 as a minimum to allow us to cover our basic staffing costs.

Real World Hypnotherapy
05-04-2011, 01:10 PM
Effective Goal Setting Workshop

The next interesting talks event is going to be held on Thursday 28th April at the Comedy Pub near Leister Square. The event will start at 7pm and end at approximately 9pm with plenty of time for drinking and networking afterwards.

The next event is going to be more of a workshop than a talk. This time we are going to look to how to effectively set and achieve goals in life. For the past several years I have worked with approximately 600 clients who all wanted to achieve something in their lives. People’s goals vary from wanting to get fit, to find a partner in life or to achieve a level of wealth.

This workshop is going to focus purely on how to effectively plan and achieve goals. This workshop is suitable for both those who work as therapists/practitioners who work with clients, and people who want to achieve their own goals.

This is a practical workshop and not “make a wish and hope the universe delivers” type of new age ****. This is also NOT a motivational seminar, I am not going to pump you up or get you to make massive impossible goals as this can lead to low self esteem. I will explain all about this in the workshop.

Interesting Talks always supports a children’s charity. In the past due to the kindness of the attendees we have raised nearly £1000 for UNICEF. At this next event we are going to help a children’s charity who are helping provide safe places for children in Japan after the tsunami and earthquake.

We ask that those who are attending to make a £10 donation towards this cause. All donations are through our just giving site and go straight to the charity. When you have made your donation your name will be added to our attendee list.

Please make your donation here http://www.justgiving.com/Matt-Kendall0 (http://www.justgiving.com/Matt-Kendall0) once you have made your donation you will be sent an email with all the event details.

I am aiming to raise £500 at this event, therefore I am going to set the limit at 50 attendees. This will sell out, so make sure you reserve your seat ASAP by placing your donation now.

I am also looking to hold a raffle at the event and I am seeking prizes. If you are able to donate a prize for this very worth while event, please contact me at matt@realworldhypnotherapy.com (matt@realworldhypnotherapy.com)

The website for the event is www.interestingtalks.co.uk (http://www.interestingtalks.co.uk)

See you on the 28th April

Matt Kendall

06-04-2011, 02:47 PM
Hi All,

I'm currently looking to expand my website hosting portfolio, I can offer both shared and dedicated website hosting on both Windows and Linux Platforms all fitted with the latest versions of PHP and MYSQL I can also offer affordable domain name registration.

All of my website hosting is based on a 99.9% up-time guarantee. At present I'm looking for a few people say 10 to try us out for free.

If interested please e-mail me on info@conglesystemsltd.com - and we can go from there.

07-04-2011, 05:58 PM
I'm looking for 7 people to test a new service I'm launching soon :)

This is going to be email based consulting, where, as a free tester, you can ask me for advice and guidance on any issues that come up in your business regarding my specialties (listed below).

As a tester, you will receive this service for 4 weeks, with an allowance of 2 questions per week.

Some of the areas I am most able to help in are;

-Social Media Marketing (especially Twitter)
-Pricing Strategies
-Web Critiques
-Marketing Critiques
-Promotion Ideas
-Copywriting advice
-Relationship Marketing/Building
-Time Saving
-Business Automation
-Making your business work for you
-Work/life balance

I have plenty of experience in consulting in these areas, but this is going to be a new way for me to offer this service and would like to try it out on a few victims first. In return, I would hope that you could give me as much feedback as possible.

If you're interested, please send me a quick email about your business to (robnights at gmail dot com.), and what you hope to achieve in the near future with your company.



11-04-2011, 08:30 PM
Well, as ive returned home as i like to call it, 10 slots, 5 page html website £150 - interesteD?

20-04-2011, 03:45 PM
Hi All,

An Easter Period Offer Here, for anyone who is looking for a bit of promotion for their business. These are great offers in my opinion, but feel free to give me your thoughts:

Offer 1:
5k A6 300gsm Flyers and 50 A3 Posters

5000 Doublesided 300gsm Full Colour A6 Flyers + 50 Single Sided, 135gsm (silk gloss finish) A3 Posters
Delivery approx 4days (from confirmed art work)
Price includes VAT and Delivery


Offer 2:
800 x 2000mm Pop Up Banner Double Offer!

Very high qual*ity indoor or out*door stan*dard popup PVC Ban*ner, printed at high res*o*lu*tion in full colour to make the impact you need, with the long last*ing dura*bil*ity you want.
Weight: 510GSM
Mate*r*ial: PVC
Print: High Res Full Colour
Fin*ish: Pop Up Stand / Carry Case
Design: Free Design Ser*vice
Lead Time: 3–4 days

Also just £99 Including VAT and Delivery

if your interested these offers aren't hanging around, please contact alex@blinkymedia.com for your requirements, or if you have any other printing requirements.

Many Thanks

27-04-2011, 07:32 PM
Hi all,

We’re currently offering promotional rates on our PR services. Contact us for information on pricing and samples of previous work. We'll give an extra 10% if you quote Livewire!


These are some of the services we offer:

Press release
Press release distribution
Consultation (1hr)
Consultation (2hr)
PR campaign, media relations service
Copywriting service

PR and marketing training for small businesses:
Introductory - 2 hours
half day - 4 hours
Full day – 8 hours

Training includes tailored info on how to write a press release, how to distribute it, tips on how to get media coverage for your business. Tailored templates and more!

Real World Hypnotherapy
29-04-2011, 05:37 PM
Hey all

I gave a 90 minute talk on the subject of goal setting to my meetup group last night. You can listen to and download this talk free without having to give an email or anything.

The link is http://realworldhypnotherapy.com/Podcast_Goal_Setting.html

Matt Kendall