View Full Version : Importing collectables and customs

17-03-2010, 03:57 PM
My girlfriend and I are exploring the possibility of a business selling Japanese collectables within the UK that would otherwise be unavailable or hard to find. One of the sources we are looking at is through Japanese stores that sell internationally to individuals, which we believe we can make savings through economies of scale and pass on savings to consumers.

My issue is with customs, VAT and import tax. When goods come through they'll have customs declerations filled out by the Japanese sellers, however from practice I find that customs sometimes do not charge VAT and import tax. As a business I am sure that I would need to provide evidence that these have been paid.

Where do I stand if customs don't make the necessary charges, and how do I follow up customs to make sure it is processed? I want to make sure everything is above board, legal and paid for!