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19-02-2010, 04:49 PM
Hi Guys,

Its been a while since I have posted on here. I am down to 6 weeks left of Uni, and then I get to work full time on my projects :-)

Project1 Events
Project1 Staff
Project1 Records

Domestic Disaster Awareness

One Drive School of Motoring

(I have decided to hold off on the other developments of the Project1 Group as I have a fair amount between those 5 too keep me busy :-S).

Today I am on here though to look for some feedback. Basically Project1 Events is my main interest and whilst I look after 4 of the 5 aforementioned, my main input is with Events. As such I am trying to make Project1 Events, more than just a supplier of events, but also a point of interest for others who are interested in the industry or who are interested in developing the industry.

As such I am preparing for a new website to be launched over the summer (just an upgrade of what is already there - new content and a few extra pages etc). Inside these new pages will be my blog and our community forums / educational / discussional areas.

To start these discussions off prior to moving onto the new home I have started a discussion on our facebook page and would love it if anyone who has an interest in live music / music events / music / the music industry could have a look at the discussion:


and provide their thoughts on the topic. I have kept my overview very basic and if anyone needs further details please let me know and I will endeavour to get more detail to the discussion.

This discussion focuses around those people born in Generation Z (born post 1995) and how the attitudes are different to those of people born in Generation's W and X, and also the way that Generation Y has been a difficult time to have been born.