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22-11-2009, 12:15 AM
Hello Everyone,

I do hope everyone is doing ok?
Haven't been around much lately due to certain reasons.
Since i can't launch my Photography/Video for Weddings and other specials events.

i've gonna go down another path to reach my goals as i can't get to them atm.

Video Editing:
I've been editing videos for a number of years and i enjoy do it, i help out the prince's trust in dumbarton, taking the photo's and the video footage they have collected and make a small video for them, which will normaly be shown at the end of the presentation.
with this in mind i've been thinking alot more about it and i believe i can put my skills in this to good use.

my question to you would be:
Would you pay for someone to take photographs, Video footage you have gotten and made it into a small Video and then placed onto a Blu-Ray or DVD Disc?

(if i didn't explain it correctly feel free to ask me alittle more details)

22-11-2009, 04:33 PM
have you considered getting into tv? offline editors can make a good wage!

there could well be a market in b2b for that service. but for domestic purposes, the only circumstance id imagine people paying for it would be wedding videos, and youll probably find that most wedding photographers/camera-men offer that service as part of the deal.


bill mccallum
22-11-2009, 06:36 PM
What about community TV as a starting point.

see www.lymeregisradio.com (http://www.lymeregisradio.com) as an example.

We have produced a DVD that we sell locally, a music CD through our "Lost Region Records" Label and have moved lyme regis radio into Lyme Regis TV.

It will be a not-for-profit enterprise in the early stages, but we expect to set up a COmmunity Interest Company next year.