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01-09-2009, 07:37 PM

I just wanted to get some opinions on the concept of "getting paid to receive text messages"!

I am sure many of you have heard of Blyk and aware that Blyk has stopped trading.
This will be similar to Blyk, but you will use your own network and sim card and instead of getting 15 credit each month, you might receive a similar amount depending on how many text messages you receive but you can transfer it into your bank account or redeem it in the form of vouchers.
The text messages are most likely to be adverts, but may also be notifications from local authorities/schools/colleges/unis etc.

I think the amount you may expect to be paid will be around 0.10 - 0.35 per text message. It will be aimed at a similar age group to Blyk (They may start a bit younger but parental permission will then be required)!

So if you could just let me know what you think of this concept.
Here are a few questions that you could answer:
Would you mind paying a registration fee (won't be more than a couple of quid)?
Would you mind receiving notifications via this service from your school/college/uni?
As Small/Medium Business Owners would you consider using this method for advertising to local students/teenagers?
Do you think it should be limited to the 16-24 range, or should it be for everyone?
What would your preferred sign up method be: Online/through schools/telephone/post/fax?

If you have any other suggestions then please do let us know!

Signing up may start near the end of this year and the service it self may start 2010 Q2.

Looking forward to your replies!


01-09-2009, 08:35 PM
Hello Sohaib,

I can see the concept and I will be honest with you our company is doing a similar concept.

We have carried out the market research with under 3000 students and various organisations.

What we came across is that many schools and local authorities have this service already in place. They have set databases which already do this.

Commercial organisations have also this in place for their staff. I.e HSBC, IKEA just to name a few.

Also the data protection act will cause many conflicts about this, and networks will refuse this and they can end up taking you to court as we found out.

However we have a model already in place which is looking quite good. Our investors have been happy with the model.

Drop me a line at marcel46 @ hotmail . co . uk and we can discuss this further partnership wise, general chat etc...

Best of luck.

01-09-2009, 08:44 PM
I like the concept to be honest. Successful advertising to a target market is quite hard to get. However as Omar has suggested above, many Universities already have this system in place, as with schools colleges and large employers.

Also from experience myself, I would just end up deleting the texts before I read them, thus a waste of time for the advertiser. Sorry, for the negative response, but I think it is possible - having said that I looked at the mobile's market before and discovered its very difficult to enter into.


01-09-2009, 09:09 PM
so, basically you are getting paid for permitting your data to be used potentially by marketing companies?

As somone involved in the mobile marketing industry (more commercially) this seems appealing.

Feel free to keep me in the loop with any developments