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23-08-2009, 01:58 PM
I'm going to be Live, on BBC Somerset tomorrow morning, with my view on who are the better workers, young people or older people?

I'm wondering what your view is?

Here are a couple of points, I've thought of:

“New well oiled machine, work better than a rusty old machine”

Older people have more life experience, which may help them in their job.

Younger people have more energy and enthusiasm for work

I'm wondering what your view is?

Alyssa Rose
23-08-2009, 05:47 PM
I think old and young are equally as valuable, and can learn from one another. My friend and uncle both recently became unemployed, both over 40 and both found it difficult because of there age. What they lack in grades, schooling etc.. they gain in life and work experiences.

il share an experience i had, i dont now if its relivent but here goes.... I once had a phone call out of the blue asking me to come for a job interview. (I had finished college the year before, but fell pregnant so instead of going to work i stayed at home with the baby). So i though ok why not i have nothing to lose, i was quite flattered they asked me to be honest. So i go to the interview it went really well, they said i was perfect. Then do you know what they said... YOU DONT HAVE THE EXPERIENCE OR ENOUGH QUALIFICATIONS TO WORK FOR US..... ummm hello were you the ones that rung me in the first place... knowing exactly my schooling and work experiences... I honestly dont know what goes through peoples minds. they were so patronising when they said i thought, do you know what i dont think i would work for you anyway if you behave like this! My friend worked as a sample machinist at the same place in a design room. She was the best worker in that room and they picked her out of everyone to be made redunant.... she had been there the longest... there were others there who were there only a year maybe 2 and they stayed..... how is that fair????

anyways i have finished ranting!! :D

laura xx

23-08-2009, 08:21 PM
Does not matter if your old or young its how you are led.

The best teams/groups of people I have worked for have had a mix of old and young..the people leading them (not by default the managers) used the energy and vision of the young people and melded it with the experiance and the skill base of the older people to achieve amazing results

So for me there is no right or wrong answer.

I have also worked with some lazy young people and equaly lazey older people

Its the motivators of this world that get the best out of any age group - either with the carrot or the stick (but thats another arguement :))

23-08-2009, 08:24 PM
I have to say I agree, in that both older and younger people can make a good contribution to any work force. I think it is important that people have the right skills for a job; however, it is impossible to determine how suitable someone is for a particular position just from their age.

Depending on what opportunities become available to a young person, it may be easy for them to gain a wide range of transferable skills through their own life experiences. Alternatively, if a person has led a very sheltered life, they may reach their late 40’s without knowing much about the world at all.

I therefore think it is important to look at each person’s individual circumstances and potential, whenever considering them for a post.


24-08-2009, 09:17 AM
Hi All - You can listen live http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/somerset/hi/