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Get Digital UK
27-05-2009, 03:31 PM
Following on from the BBC news research that around three million homes in the UK have broadband speeds of less than 2 mb per second, Mark Graham, director of Get Digital UK, digital media consultants approved and accredited by government body, Digital UK, offers this commentary.

“Of course, broadband speed in a particular area depends on how far away the individuals are from the telephone exchange and how many people are hooked up to that particular internet connection. Although the lack of speed and indeed coverage in some areas comes down to cost, there are other options available to consumers, such as mobile broadband and satellite broadband. In some cases, with mobile broadband becoming faster and with the integration of plug and play ability, this route can often prove better than a fixed line connection. I would suggest that anyone considering upgrading to a broadband connection should contact an independent expert, like ourselves rather than trying to go it alone and perhaps not getting the best technology or best deal”.

Mark Graham

Real World Hypnotherapy
28-05-2009, 11:41 AM
I would never use Virgin Media again. They messed up our connection so many times it was comical.

After I disconected and moved house, 2 month on they reconnected me (to a phone line that no longer exists) and started charging me. I have to check my bank balance weekly to make sure they don't keep taking money. Utter muppets.


29-05-2009, 03:40 AM
Hmm, see i would never go with anyone other than virgin media. I had a credit rating so bad even BT wouldnt fit me a phone line (despite the fact i used to work for them) but virgin went straight ahead and did it. The engineer came bang on time and left no mess and the connection has never dropped since it was put in.

Nobody is perfect though, so i guess some people will have had a bad experience with them. Which is a shame because ive found them great and would recommend to anyone.

29-05-2009, 12:42 PM
I was with Virgin Media for about 5yrs until recently moving across to BT and never had any problems with the TV, phone or broadband we had with them.

However, it pays to shop around as we are getting a better deal with BT at the mo, and I must admit that their customer service of both their call centre staff and the engineer that came around to install the new line did/does seem better than Virgin (so far).

29-05-2009, 04:26 PM
Been with Virgin and BT and Virgin is the winner for me. Most of my friends, family and colleagues are using it. Actually I don't know anyone with BT!!!

I will admit I have had some messing about with Virgin everytime I've signed up to have an installation done. Even throw one of their sales guys out my house but then that's because I don't take any ****. Doesnt mean I don't know the better service when it comes to having a reliable connection. BT does not get my trust when it comes to a safe connection so that I'm a safe reliable choice for my clients.