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27-02-2008, 06:47 PM

I live and work in London and I'm planing to start up my own Music & Arts Venue this year. As I worked for a wide range of companies in the Entertainment Industy, I have the skills and contacts to get it up and running :).

The idea is to open a small venue in East London (the actual center of young creative and innovative people). The venue will be a Bar with live bands and DJ' sets combined with work of artist and other creative people.
The venue can be used as a gallery for photographers. illustrators, cartoonists, etc also as Video and Film live screening etc.


I would like to contribute to the integration of London's young and modern art & music scene in the social life. The Bar will be in similar business to: http://www.jaguarshoes.com/

An alternative modern place in an urban environment. Several events, such as Film presentations, Music Promotion nights or Fashion workshops etc will be held and supported.

Anyway this place will also be just a good Bar for a exciting and good night out within the busy East End.

As I'm writing my business plan, I need all advice from people who know how to set up the finance plan in this business section or just people who run a similar business.

Or just any advice regarding property, licenses etc would help me very very much.

I'm also looking for funding or sponsorship.

Thanks for reading all this and Im looking forward to hearing from you!


15-06-2008, 09:16 PM
Hi Kat,
I am also in the process of starting my own fashion business ...wanting to start with iconic t-shirts and from there move onto bigger things.
I think your business can add to mine as will me to yours. I would like it if we could keep in touch .Thank you

05-01-2010, 03:55 PM

New Years Greetings,

I gather you posted your message some time ago, and that you were in the process of starting your fashion business. This is for anybody who has tips who has their own fashion business as to where to look.

Lesley Osajie-Dortie