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23-01-2008, 10:56 AM
Im stuck on a enterprise assignment on a business degree and really need some advice on:

Characteristics of small firms?

Advatages and disadvantages small firms have over large firms in introducing innovation

analyse factors of a company that are introducing innovation with being creative and innovative

28-01-2008, 11:11 AM
Dear Helenash07

Thanks for posting a question on the Mentor system.

There are a number of answers to your questions depending on who you are asking! Small firms can often react quickly to change, but are often seen as 'resource poor'- the advantages and disadvantages are many. I think you will get some good feedback by posting this question on the forum.

Shell Livewires mentor scheme now runs through the forum. The forum has a large number of experienced users who can answer most of your questions.

You can also find a huge range of information on the website by searching for the topic you are interested in- you can find the search box on the home page. Have you also used the start a business toolkit?

Remember any information you find you can keep in your online briefcase.

To ask your question on the forum go to the home page and click on the forum link. The easy thing to do is copy the text you posted on the mentor page and start a new topic in the forum.

If you have a particularly sensitive question you can still email Livewire who will endeavour to answer (email- mentor@shell-livewire.org)