View Full Version : Starting a small magazine - opinions?

29-10-2007, 03:07 PM
Just canvassing some opinions at an early stage to some thoughts about starting a small magazine. The subject matter will naturally be business related, but it's specialist area will be home workers. This will be a printed publication supported online with a website/forum.

I'm just wondering if there's room in the market for more business publications? Of course the subject matter will make it a niche publication aimed at small startups and established home businesses, but I think there's enough of a market for it to work.

Having worked in publishing before I know the pitfalls of trying to launch a new publication but I do think focusing on a particular niche is a good thing. Having scoured the shelves at Smiths I couldn't really find anyhing that looked at the issues facing home workers in particular. Lots of Franchise mags, high end business glossys, but not much at the lower end.

Opinions are welcomed on the idea and also for content etc.