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Najma Mike
30-05-2007, 07:25 PM
Have been looking at this forum for a long time, without actually signing up. Loads of good information here.

Now college is over my girlfriend and I are thinking of setting up in business, and would be grateful if anyone can spare a few minutes of their time to fill in a survey about story sacks to help us with a potential business plan.

The link for the survey is


The survey is completely anonymous. The link above takes you to a page which asks for your email address, then a link for the actual survey is mailed to you. This is a feature of the software we have used, you cannot access the survey directly. No email addresses are stored from this process - you will not be spammed!

I know that links are not supposed to appear in first posts, but other than placing a link I don't know how to give access to the survey! The site has absolutely no content other than the survey programme; we're not trying to sell anything (yet!), just trying to gather information. I hope this is acceptable, and apologise in advance if this post is considered to break forum etiquette.