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matt kendall
03-05-2007, 03:25 PM
The secret is out about our amazing customer service!

A couple of weeks ago someone called me up to ask a few questions over the phone about MK Printing, he said he was researching companies and customer service I believe. Then yesterday one of my customers sent me a news letter from Enterquest that has a big feature on me, MK Printing and our customer service!

Please find the newsletter bellow, it is the first article entitled “Unhappy customer finds success in customer service”

A big big thank to all the lovely people at Shell, as without you, we have no one to provide our service too! As always please tell your friends, colleagues and anyone who will listen about us!

Remember the more money we can help you make, the more printing you will need from us and the more people you tell about us. We are not your average print and design studio, in fact we are not an average company!

Have a great day

Matt Kendall, MK Printing
0870 080 1799

Unhappy customer finds success in customer service

An entrepreneur who started his business from the standpoint of "an unhappy customer" says the personal touch is at the root of his success.
Matt Kendall, who owns and runs Manchester-based MK Printing, is passionate about customer service and what it can do for his business.

He came from a background in music promotion, where he says he was constantly being let down by firms supplying promotional materials, and then being hit by hidden charges. With his own experience of shoddy service as a reminder, Matt insists that treating customers properly is the basis of a successful business.

He said: "People buy from people. The more technical the world gets, the more important the personal touch is."

MK Printing is website-based, with additional staff being employed on an outsourced basis. Clients receive e-mails at each stage of the transaction, including one containing the courier's job number once the materials have been despatched. Most of the work is repeat business and business generated from recommendations.

Each customer is asked for a testimonial to be posted on the website. Customers are also asked to recommend the business to friends and colleagues, who will be sent free sample packs. MK Printing takes the long view and Matt says he sees each new customer as someone he wants to be dealing with in 20 years' time.

Matt said: "Good news travels fast but bad news travels faster. Recommendation is much more powerful than an advert."