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22-03-2007, 12:42 PM

I am looking to create some hair products and have spoken to a formulator a couple of months ago.

I have not really kept in touch with this formulator very well as I was away for xmas and have been slow in picking up momentum with the while project.

I met a business advisor a few weeks ago who says that I should try a few other people to get quotes from them.

What sort of info do I ask for in the quote and how do I best go about phrasing the quote bearing in mind that I have left it a while since speaking to the formulator.

It may seem a silly question but I would really appreciate a little push in the right direction..


26-03-2007, 12:35 PM
I would re-contact them and ask for a fresh quote. Tell them that you've been involved in other business, so had to put this one on the shelf for a short while to sort things out, but that you are focused on that again.

When asking for quotes, always say that you've already had a few others and set them at a lower price. Ask them if they can beat that/those price(s)

Quotes and bargaining are an essential if you want a good deal, and in the business world, you have to (sadly) play one company off against another to get what you want for a good price (not in a nasty way of course!)

Hope this makes some kind of sense. . . i know what im trying to say!!


26-03-2007, 01:06 PM
Personally I'd do it by phone

Bargaining them down with other quotes is a good idea but I'm assuming its a relatively small market so they'd likely know the other players - they may ask who quoted what or at least who you've spoken to.

I'd simply be looking for ballpark figures but let them know from the off that price is an issue. Once you've got a bit more ammunition you can go back and start negotiating.

The info you need to ask really depends on your needs but some obvious ones might be price, minimum orders, discounts for volume, payment terms etc...

Also ask them for options, along the lines of what if I did it this way? or, how can I bring that price down?