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24-02-2007, 12:02 AM
Ok. Situation is I'm working for my dad at the moment.


+OKish pay.
+The fact that if I'm on good terms with my dad I get to use a large proportion of the warehouse for my own upcoming business.


-I have to sit there and watch the business go downwards because of A)his leniant attitude towards employees and B)employees basically taking the pis5. Then having no power to do anything about it. Any suggestions I put forward, my dad ignores and a few months later it bites him in the ****, by which time it has already contributed a big slice into screwing up his business.
-Then to have to put up with employees ***** towards me if their ever out of line because they just say 'i'm below them' or 'I don't pay their wages'. - (I'm not even trying to be the spoilt boss's son. Its things like them changing rules to benefit themselves.)
-Also, to have my dad openly ignore the other employees behaviour towards me and the business when I'm trying to look after his interest.

I just wanted to ask if you were me, would you stay, take the **** until your own business is established in 4-5months time and make some money till then, then also have the use of a warehouse. Or just tell my dad to stick it, go get a different job and find my own warehouse which would cost the business more.

Every week incidents happen where I just want to leave, but should I be walking out on family. Should I sacrafice a great advantage of a free warehouse. Yet the next week I am still there.

Proper confused.

24-02-2007, 12:38 AM
Hi Porsche,

tricky one, working for family always is, but maybe you need to be a bit ruthless and look after you best interests and help get your business off to the best possible start, and a good start would be taking advantage of some free space that your dad could provide. Its hard as you are probably looking at it though the eyes of someone who geniunly doesnt like thier family being taken for a ride, but at the same time you leaving wont change the situation, and all you can do is offer your dad the advice, if he chooses to take it is another question all together, but we have all been blessed with choice so its not something you can really enforce.

It may sound like i am saying just take the space and not care about what is going around you with your dad, i am not, you should carry on trying to get through to him and helping him see the people who are abusing his good nature, problem is and i am sure many of us on this forum will agree, your business is your baby, and sometimes you get a little to attached when really taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, with some helpful advice is the best thing to do, and i am sure he is the same.

I am not successful yet so i really cant say :D but i think sometimes your gonna have to take the hit for you to achieve what you want, your hit at the mo might be taking the flack from some ignorant people and continue working for your dad.


24-02-2007, 01:57 AM
Hello Porsche,

My experience of working with family is over worked and under paid, so in a way, count yourself lucky! Modica82 seems to be talking very wise words.

My advise would be:
+Try having a real father/son chat about your dads business with him. He might see your more of an asset than he thinks.
+Don't drop it and run just yet, let your business develop a little.
+Are you going to find a cheaper warehouse than free?
+Are there any other family members you can talk to? Having experience as my father being my boss taught me a lesson. Ofter being the "older and wiser" one they don't take kindly to business advice from there children! But is there anyone else you can talk to? Someone who your dad will listen to!
Well good luck and keep us informed!


24-02-2007, 03:48 PM
Thanx for the help.

I slept on it and think I'm going to put up with it for longer. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end.


24-02-2007, 05:01 PM
Have you thought about writing a business plan for your dad?

If you really are passioante about your Job and the company, then why not put together a 1, 3 and 5 year plan of what you think the company needs to do an how YOU are going to be the catalyst for this. Explain to your dad that you want to be part of the long term success of the company and that you have lots of ideas on how to achieve it.

You need to research your markets, your competitors and review the changes in your dad's business over the last few years. Put together some suggestions for growing the business, increasing the output and effectiveness of staff, increase motivation within staff and explain how the company should reward them for their efforts.

If you are going to sit down and do this, you also need to write reviews on your colleagues, their strenghts and weakness and how you think they can contribute towards acheiving your plan.

I am sure your dad will be more than happy to go through this with you. Don't rush it, make sure you are fully prepared to be knocked back and have answers ready for questions which he may ask.

Make sure you follow it up with meetings to review progress, effectiveness and remember be prepared to modify your plan as the company evolves.

Good luck and keep that chin up!


24-02-2007, 05:10 PM
Keep professional: If you have a bunch of complaints wait for a proper discussion moment at work and then list them and if possible hand over your lists to your dad. Having the odd moan doent look so professional and definitely try not to bring your work home if you know what i mean. The fact you get paid reasonably well is a plus.

If you hang about and get your company running he might wake up and believe you.

You are learning from him and seeing how the employees behave. You might be learning all the scams and how not to run a company...but it is a very valuable lesson. If you start from scratch in the warehouse business you might never know what can happen and how to spot it and end up being like your dad.