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29-12-2006, 02:43 PM
I'm really stuck, I about to lauch a website that is aimed at a particular indusry and im wondering how I should market it. I will be contacting just over 5000 potenetial clients in stages and was thinking about either sending an introduction letter or flyer with a promotional item such as pen. However I know that sales letters are not effective. Any ideas please??

29-12-2006, 02:55 PM
I should be doing something similar in the near future with a similar amount of potentials.

I'm probably going to be sending out a flyer, cover letter a couple of business cards and a self addressed envelope.

They will then be able to sign up to my service by sending off the form (in the envelope), via the phone, or log onto the website.

The envelope will have no window so there is a much greater chance of it being opened. The letter will be professional, and 'business like' which should make it more readable.

After about 5 days or so, I will start to phone around the potentials. This will show them that the service is serious and give them a chance to ask any questions, and remind them about the mail they were sent not so long before.

I will try this with about 1500 potentials first, just to see how it goes. If the results aren't too good, I will have to think of another strategy.

With regard to a promotional gift- I'm toying with the idea, buy am not too sure if it will end up being worth it. I'll probably try it with a few hundred or so potentials to measure the response rate.

29-12-2006, 02:55 PM
Sales letters aren't effective? Really?

Surely depends on how well the sales copy is written and planned; on my other venture we just got a 6% response rate, which is a huge amount of sales from spending a few hundred pounds on stamps and getting the right database.

Get in touch with me for some advice on marketing if you like (don't worry, I won't charge for the advice), and tell me more about your business and what you're looking at promoting - we work with loads of start up ventures and small businesses so I'm sure we can pass some advice your way on planning a direct mailing campaign.

My email is sales @ fitnessgold.co.uk (without the spaces).

Speak to you soon,