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12-07-2002, 11:20 AM
I desperately need some help from all you experts out there.
I'm thinking about setting up a web business to recruit people for short term projects such as medical research, focus groups, promotional events etc..

The site will be aimed at college and university students who are looking for ways to make quick cash and research companies etc. who are in need of research participants etc (I am a student myself and have contacts in over 20 unis across the country, that I hope to utilise to help with PR etc)

My problem is how do I convince companies to advertise on the site prior to its launch when I have no traffic figures etc?

Will it be a case of offering a free trial period?

12-07-2002, 12:28 PM
Will it be a case of offering a free trial period? Lenie, that is a very good idea. Perhaps 1 month and see how you get on. By that time, the company will have an idea on the type of freedback it receives from your site.

Try to get a press release out to a relevant publication (a student type magazine). Are you going to collect data from students or simply posting the temp/ short terms jobs?

I think its a very good idea. Bare in mind that some periods are going to be more busy then others. (ie June-Sept, Christmas...etc)

Send the companies a brief of your site and offer a trial period. Make sure your site is professional and quick loading.

Good luck

Design R Web Soltutions

15-07-2002, 08:49 AM
i think the free trial idea is a great idea. after the free trial if you can show the customer some statistics, say how much traffic that you have sent to their site, they will obviously be interested to keep their advert in place, as they know they are getting their worth out of it.

as designr sed, the site must be professional looking, to force the companies to take you seriously, otherwise they wont take for as a serious business.

there are many web designers on the shell livewire website, mostly ppl looking for business who reply! like design, anthony and myself.

good luck


15-07-2002, 09:52 AM
Thanks to both of you for your advice, much appreciated!

I'm actually on a work placement in the new media department of a large company at the moment and in return for a few beers and a good word or two, I've managed to convince one of our top web design agencies to create my site for free.

l'll let you know when it's done!

One last question! I would like to measure more that just the websites hits - we use Webtrends here but does anyone know of any other cheap software that will do the same/ a better job?

15-07-2002, 10:34 AM
www.dejacey.com will give you a free, invisible counter, but very few stats. it will just tell you the very basics, like how many visitors you have had in total, per day, and a forcast of expected visitors per day.

worth a look tho as theres no adverts and its a simple script and very easy to fit. do you have a website online now? if so, what the url?


15-07-2002, 11:01 AM
Hello Lenie. Regarding the website stats, most good hosts will provide these free with your hosting. Are they providing you with free hosting also?

Most professional sites will not have a counter display on there site. We use Webalizer ourselves, which gives information like referrers, URL, countries, serch engines.....etc all accessed via a control panel.


16-07-2002, 12:03 PM
Thanks for that advice, I'll have a look at some of the hosting options first to see if they meet my needs and if not I'll try the other software you suggested.

Kris, the website is still in development - I'll let you know when it's up

22-07-2002, 09:19 AM
Our company specialises in your target market.

Feel free to contact me, maybe there might be ways in which we could work together!.

22-07-2002, 10:02 AM
What does your company do exactly?

22-07-2002, 10:09 AM
We are an entertainment comapny for the youth/student market with an online information portal site.

22-04-2004, 03:05 PM
Hi lenie,

I am also in the process of setting up a web comp like yours but different in that it it will cater for companies seeking short-term employees for IT work such as wed design/debvelopment, software design, debugging etc.

Email me debomartins@yahoo.co.uk maybe we can exchange ideas or perhaps find that there are students able to use both our services. Any tips or help you can provide as to the website would be appreciated.

Where abouts are you based?

PS are you setting up as a company or will you register once you get feedback.

Thanks in advance.

22-04-2004, 03:33 PM
Trojan-this was posted in 2002 so I think you are a little late here!! Lenie hasnt posted since Sept 03

Good luck anyway

22-04-2004, 10:58 PM
Hi lenie,

One of my businesses is web design & hosting. We can cater to all your stats needs etc & more. Check out:

AceTechosting.com (http://www.acetechosting.com)

If you need any expansion on my site or if I can assist in any other way, just give me a shout.

Kind Regards

26-04-2004, 04:43 PM
I think giving one month free advertising is a pretty poor idea for a new website.(no offence, just trying to be constructive, please hear me out!)

Within that 1 month I doubt very much if the advertisers will get anything out of it and therefore not want to continue advertising with you.

It can take well over a month to build up traffic, you need to be spidered by Google, Inktomi etc, get submitted to DMOZ and get linked from other related websites. You need a name to get around before traffic starts getting to a level where it is beneficial for advertisers.

My suggestion is get the site up and running, do all of the above and more to promote your site, get healthy traffic figures and analyse your server traffic logs, put together a nice presentation based on how your extensive reader base is highly targeted and show some figures then maybe offer 1 month free.