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05-06-2003, 05:32 PM

I have several ideas that im working on, most need alot of cash but they are still good ideas. So I am looking into ways of making some extra cash and have been offered a way to do this from a friend.
My friend is starting his own graphic design & DTP business aiming himself at small to sme businesses. He has asked me to come into the business with him as my field is in sales & marketing and can help him sell the business to customers.
Just thought I would ask all designers who own their own companies here what the current market is like??
Is it as cut throat as I think it is?
Is there much money in the design market at the moment?
Is there plenty of work in the UK for a good designer?
What do you think the market will do in the next 12-24 months??

The reason I ask is I dont want to invest money into this if I feel it isn't going to work.

Hope you can offer me some helpful advice!


05-06-2003, 05:49 PM
There's always room at the top, the trouble is there are far too many **** - average designers competing for space.

A lot of designers get the jobs by under cutting on price and it's working as a lot of companies are trying to spend less. What companies don't realise is that a **** web site is worse than no web site at all.

As for general graphic design, once you get yourself a few clients they usually come back, so I guess if your potential business partner already has some clients there's bound to be work, but if he/she is starting from scratch it maybe some time before you see some return on your investment. In fact being the sales/marketing guy getting a return on your investment will initially be down to you, how confident are you about selling those services?