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28-10-2006, 12:39 PM
Need some help please. I have just been for a job interview today which seems an ideal job for me, (sales manager for an upmarket flooring company just down the road from where I live). I have been asked by the owner to go away and write a marketing plan for the new year to impress him. He has a budget for marketing which is around 1000 per month but there is play on this.

The company has got strong branding and sell designer/up market carpets, rugs, natural tiles and solid wood flooring so the marketing has to be aimed at customers wishing to pay thousands for flooring.

They currently advertise in designer brochures but not much more and are wanting to advertise further afield to more affluent areas around leeds.

Some of the ideas I have are:-

Having a stand built and going to the likes of marks & spencers, house of fraiser etc and taking samples and getting booking for home visits/measure ups.

Doing mail shots of the companies brochure with a covering leter to interior designers and property developers, then following this up with calls/visits.

They have been open for 18 months and are just about to refresh the showroom so I though having a celebratory open night to promote 18 months of trading and also the new showroom and getting the local press in to do a feature.

Any other ideas would be greatly received.

Many thanks


ps ( I have not given up on my own business ideas but simply need this job to fund them!!!)

28-10-2006, 01:23 PM
Hi Darren

What about a county magazine. Down here we have a mag called Cheshire Life...It is notorious for being bought and read by the more affluent person (then donated to doctors surgeries which is where I've read it!!!)

The ads in magazines like that tend to be quality furniture, champagnes, luxury cars, fine jewellery, etc.

Maybe Leeds have a 'Yorkshire Life' type mag?

What about requesting a marketing list from internet for names/addresses of people who have purchased bespoke furniture/kitchen/new homes/etc in the area and send out brochure? I don't know any companies names that do this but I was told they exist on a marketing course I recently attended.

Good luck!

28-10-2006, 02:00 PM
Hi Helen,

Thanks for more great advise along with your advise on my personal training dvd's.

Really appreciate it.



28-10-2006, 02:04 PM
Hi, im a carpenter by trade and fit kitchens at the moment. The Kitchens we fit are for a high class clientel and with new kitchens comes new floors! allot of people have amtico or kardin, we use one company to supply the flooring to our customers.
I would reccomend as one way of generating sales would be to go to kittchen fitting companies and try to get a deal to supply the flooring to all their customers and also advertise through kitchen sales companies.
Kitchens are becoming more and more the number one room of the house taking over from the living room so i think its a good oppertunity to break into that section of sales.

Just an idea!

28-10-2006, 02:12 PM
Good idea, thanks for that.