View Full Version : Import VAT Issue

26-10-2006, 11:41 AM
I am a little annoyed at one of my VAT invoices from DHL for importing goods worth $80 which the UK customs took as 80

Now I do not mind paying duty and vat on my goods value at $80, I normally pay duty and vat on the items value, but they have done the following though

Value of goods 80 (invoice in the parcel says 80 USD) so they have basiclly doubled it there
Shipping cost 124.62
Total Value = 204.62 (I did not know postage had value to me)

5% duty rate = another 10.23 on top, + excise duty of 7.12 = 221.97 + VAT of 38.84, + a 10 admin fee means they want 59.07 VAT off me for a 80 item

is this right, it seems rather wrong to me

EDIT: Just spoke to them again, they have agreed I am right, so will get a new lower invoice from them :-)

If it was 80, Our government is quite clever at making 59.07 on an item that cost them nothing and that was made by someone else in a factory abroad for 80, seems the best business in the UK is the government.