View Full Version : web site legal advice pleeeese

02-06-2003, 11:13 AM

Can anyone give me any legal advice on the content of my web site please.


(again sorry)

My Charles Ingram site seems to be warrenting much international attention. I have got a poll up on my web site which visitors can vote whether they think he is guilty or not with several options on whose fault it is. Nobody thought he was innocent until the other day when the same person voted that he was innocent over 40 times. Hmmmmmmn!

But I'm concerned about whether there is anything that he could legally do me for. the only thing I can think of is celador doing me for misuse of their graphics if they really wanted to. Im trying to get an appointment with a soliciter at my business start up agency thingy but getting an appointment wen im free is tricky.

any advice greatly appreciated