View Full Version : Business insurance and working from home??

26-09-2006, 08:54 AM
I currently work from home doing website design. I have a Ltd company registered but I wondered about liability insurance as I am starting to quote on some pretty large projects, plus I am having to outsource more and more to third parties both in UK and abroad so feel I am a little exposed.

My main concern is the legal side of working on such large projects from home using sub contractors, and whether other people on here are in a similar situation, do they have public liability insurance (if this is what I need) and what to look out for.

I have everything else covered, like home contents and buildings insurance.


26-09-2006, 09:17 AM
Think it would be Professional liability insurance rather than public. This will be useful to protect your business against claims resulting from defective work supplied negligently or accidentally to your customers e.g. you might delete content through no fault of your own; misunderstand your brief and supply work the customer did not specify; damage the customer's existing system; or supply faulty work which results in commercial loss.

It's not required by law but a court case could force you into personal bankruptcy unless your business has such a policy.