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01-09-2006, 03:28 PM
I have a a baby equipment retail business which I have been running for 7 years. My husband has now joined me in the business and it is rapidly expanding. Our problem is implementing a good stock control method so that we know how much stock we have and what we need to order. We are using a till which has a bar code scanner at present (but it is not computer) and are manually entering larger stock (big boxed items) numbers onto a computer spreadsheet which we have to update with each delivery and manually knock it off when we sell the product. We really need a system that will link up to our two computers in the back room. Can anyone suggest the best way to go about this or any contact companies specialising in this sofware/hardware. I would say we would need a system for medium size business with the ability to expand it if needed. Smaller items are ok because we can just scan them into the till and this will automatically tell us how much stock - but we still do not know when we have sold out of something etc.