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30-06-2006, 05:25 PM
i've recently started an adwords campaign for my landscaping and garden design business and because i have an enquiry section from, which browsers can send me an e-mail, I am getting a lot of clicks and a lot of spam from people selling watches, stocks etc.
Is this normal? Is there any way of stopping it? i think my keywords are ok as they are showing a lot of impressions and it isn't costing me much for these spam clickers.

01-07-2006, 01:17 AM
are you saying...adwords is bringing traffic to your site
(which is good)

... but it's people who then send you spam using the form on your website? (which is bad)

there is not a lot you can do about spammers on your site, even if you insist on a valid email address you are still going to get spammers, and people trying to sell you stock are not really spammers... Yellow pages gladly sells your info to these people who will happily harrass you by phone too!

you could try better targetting for your ads, and remove them from sites that you think are sending you the naughty traders.


01-07-2006, 11:08 AM
If you display your e-mail address anywhere on your website at all, even within the backend HTML then this can be harvested by software, there is also software that generates user names aswell, so if you use info,sales,contact,mail and the like then this is not a good idea, try something different to the norm such as your name.

Ensure that you use some kind of CGI script for your contact form where your e-mail address is hidden on your server.

If you are already receiving spam now then the only real guaranteed solution is to change your e-mail address and implement the changes as mentioned above, I adhere to the above and do not receive any SPAM whatsoever.

Good luck