View Full Version : Be careful wishing for peace and quiet!!

03-06-2006, 02:28 PM
OK, so on Tuesday my wife took our two young sons up to stay with the mother-in-law for few days, half-term. Great thought i, peace and quiet., Working from home, schools holidays are dreaded!

"Dad, can you come and play football".... "dad can you fix this" .....dad this and dad that.....

So it was with great expectations that i waved them off and went back into the house. The house is a farm cottage, half a dozen neighbours with spitting distance and that is with a following wind, so it is quiet.

I settled down to do some painting - i'm an artist and paint semi abstract full size and miniature work for the dolls house market - with the two dogs by my feet.

OK so far, even the evening went by quite quick as i spent time doing computer work. The following day another round of painting, but the house was beginning tolack something. Again an evening spent at the PC meant i didn't have too much spare time but on Thursday.... a bit of a slow day, and boy was i beginning to miss the family. The dogs weren't to happy either, no-one to run around the garden with!

Friday - now the house was TOO quiet. As much as i tried to get into my work it just wasn't happening, Friday evening not much to do on the PC. No-one to talk to, no-one to share the good weather with ....

But the phone has just rung, and they are coming home early!! The dogs got a surprise when i started dancing around the room, they say you never miss anything until its gone. ITS TRUE!!

So be careful what you wish for, too much peace and quiet isn't good for you!