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MK Printing
02-06-2006, 12:19 PM
Hello you good good people

As some of you may know, I am putting together a marketing package for new business, I am also putting a lot of information on my website to help new businesses. What I want to know is the best places to find information, the places you went to yourself when you were starting up.

I am looking for financial help link, government links, banks, loans, investors, business angels, advice centres etc etc. I am also wanting to promote the people on here as much as possible too so I want to include as many of you as I can.

I know the Shell board is not for self promotion and I am also not meant to put my e-mail, but I think on this occasion it is ok for me to put it up. Please can you send me the name of the company, the details i.e. URL, e-mail and phone and then a brief description.

For example I am looking for something like;

Small business financial advice
0800 000000

This website is a great resource for those starting out that want to get more information on financial forecasting and creating accounting systems.

So please send me things like that (this is a made up company btw) and e-mail them to me at info@mkprinting.co.uk

Much appreciated and remember you can send details of your own company. Also forums and networking boards I am wanting to find out about, I will of course be doing a link like this for Shell Livewire! I do think tis is a great board for small businesses. I just hope in future that there is an area where members can really network without it being spam. I think this will generate a lot of work for people on here.