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31-05-2006, 01:38 AM
Hi everyone,

Hope all is well.

Basically, I just wanted to find out whether anyone has bought b2b email lists from brokers before, and whether the campaign was successful / worth the effort?

I'm looking for the lowest-priced, uk based b2b email list...any suggestions for what companies/websites to have a look at? I've trawled through the Google listings, but there are over 30,000 websites listed; just wondering whether you have any recommendations.

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31-05-2006, 02:54 AM
I am still a registered B2B data broker if you are interested, but do not normally promote my services anymore as my main business trade is printing on clothing (two things that don't normally go together).

We can do email lists with details on such as

Company name and address
Main Email Address
Telephone number
fax number
Employees on site and employees nationally
Primary contact name and personal email address
and more.....

the above comes as standard with all data

If you are interested feel free to drop me an email at:

Paul @ Aquarius Support.com (without the spaces)

All the best