View Full Version : advice on emailing market research

25-05-2006, 11:47 AM
hi there, im about to email a selection of potential clients (bars and clubs) for my new site - i prefer to email initially rather than telephone as at least then they have something written down in front of them rather than me ringing out of the blue and sounding far too much like a salesman.

the only trouble is, im not sure how i should be going about starting the email off.

"hi my names.... and i was wondering if you could spare me a bit of your time..." does that sound a bit cheesy and rubbish??

King of Cash
25-05-2006, 05:24 PM
Hi Matty

you have to be very careful, emailing people out of the blue, emailing people like that will very quickly have you labled as a spammer

my advice is to call the place you want to do business with and talk to the manager or who ever is the right person to deal with you. Ask them for permission for you to email them, get their details off them and then send a confirmation email recapping what you discussed.

wait 2 days and then send your offer in.

unsolicited emails will hurt you more than you can imagine

the reason you wait id to allow them time to email back and tell you they are not interested.

keep a copy of ALL communications, incase someone does make accusations.