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20-05-2006, 10:12 AM
Hi, we are currerently in the process of discussing producing our own local glossy property magazine, that all local estate letting agents can advertise in as we are being ripped off by the newspaper that every agent currently uses. This would be a free distributed magazine in our local postcodes that would generate revenue from all the local agents advertsing in. Any one got any experience / advice / words of wisdon for me. Regards

MK Printing
20-05-2006, 10:51 AM

I have worked with a lot of people who have produced magazines. In my experience is that if you do not have a lot of money to put in and a dedicated sales team, I wouldn't even start. Printing magazines is a very expensive business and also making any changes is a costly affair.

In my honest opinion, I think a website that is properly promoted is much better. This way you can change the content in a matter of minutes without having to reprint anything. You can set up mailing lists and keep in contact with prospective customers on a weekly/monthly basis. You can allow people to search for properties by location and price, rather than going through a whole magazine.

Also with a website you can allow the people who are placing the adverts to upload new ones straight away. The adverts will include links to the agentís website and even a box to fill out to arrange a viewing. Websites also allows you to have more pictures and much more details, for example maps of the area, than a magazine.

I truly believe that investing in a really good website is a much better move than printing a magazine. I would print flyers and distribute them to advertise the website, even send out mailing to people from lists you can buy about people with houses for sale.

If you want to discuss this further then please feel free to drop me a line at info@mkprinting.co.uk


20-05-2006, 01:53 PM
i agree. not a good idea.these newspapers have the estate agents by the whotsits and could make life very difficult if they saw you as a rival.