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28-03-2006, 06:48 PM
Hi I have set up my website and am getting customers which is great but would like to know which route to take when it comes to advertising?

I have the money for advertising but with so many different options which do you take?

I have been told that leaflet distribution is not very effective as people dont read them

Banner advertising-costly

magazine advertisments-not many people read the classifieds or adverts

So what do I do? I am an internet based website that sells remote control cars.

Any ideas would be great

Our local radio station has priced me a banner for their website at 200+ a month

29-03-2006, 04:59 PM
This is a big topic and even with my 30 years in Advertising sales and marketing I would not give you a simple answer.

However there are no gurantees for any method and most of it is based on pure common sense

All forms of advertising work if you use them effectivley. Advertising is expensive when it doesnt attract the type of customers you want in sufficient numbers. Also the cost base for some types of advertising is 'higher' than others due to 'production costs' or the audience reached etc.

The starting point is to get very clear about profiling your target audience. (just an aside are you selling purely to the public or looking to get stores to stock the item too?)

Who is most likley to be interested in using your product?
Is it something that is likely to be a 'gift option 'wives for husbands, grandparents for kids etc (in which case this offers a broader range of options)

Age group(s)
primary decision maker for purchase (eg is it pester power and so a secondary decision maker needs to persuade the person with the money)

Once you can be clear about your target group(s) then you need to consider their lifestyle

what are they likely most to read/watch/listen too/surf on internet for (Mintel and TGI markeing information is useful)

what is their earning bracket likely to be
where are they likely to live
how price sensitive might they be (ie is it an affluent target audience or is it in the reach of the masses)

Once you have this 'picture' in your mind you can start to establish appropriate marketing options

Who do they claim to reach
eg if a newspaper what is their readership profile
If a radio station who listens to which programmes
How many 'hits' do they get from who
Is there any magazines specialising in your type of product
If you did a leaflet what type of homes do you want to target (where your customer is most likely to live)

It seems an obvious choice to use the internet as a key marketin option but maybe not rely solely on it

Marketing/advertsiing are a means of attracting customers and all businesses need the ability to do that. You are paying for the opportunity to 'speak to' a target audeince created by the 'medium'

Some are built on word of mouth and reputation some do direct marketing through telephone or face to face presentation Most people selling 'goods' usually need a means to build high turnover and therefore need a successful way of reaching a mass/targeted audience

Once youve decide the medium it is then vital to ensure that 'the message' is appropriate (the copy in the ad) so that it speaks clearly to your audience rand provides all the relevant facts about why buy how much etc 'sells itself' and gives all the inforamtion a 'reader/listner' would need to prompt them to take action to buy

Also have you considered Press releases to local papers They are aways looking for good feature content either about New business start ups (especially local papers for this) or interesting new life style gadgets or gift options especially around the main gift events such as Christmas easter and what to do in the school hols to keep kids amused (local and national papers)

If this is especially of interest to Kids their is a Mag called Primary times which is franchised across Uk which is distributed through Primary schools

Hope this helps Every success

29-03-2006, 05:23 PM
Thankyou very much. Its always a taboo subject when it comes to advertising as to where to start etc.