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03-03-2006, 05:01 PM
OK I'm considering an idea that has occured to me today.

Basically I'm looking to offer a service providing Flash tutorials for customers products, services or websites.

The client would give me the brief of what they wanted to educate people on and I would create the tutorial customised for them branded with their logo etc...

Would this interest anyone? What sort of (realistic) price would you be willing to pay?

As an example, a customer might want a tutorial on how to use their eCommerce site...


03-03-2006, 05:11 PM
personally phil, I would go and purchase the software to do it like macromedia captivate! It's not that hard to use, but the only downside it the time it takes to do it!! However, I do know people that would pay a lot of money (lazy ones),


03-03-2006, 05:42 PM
Fair point but would you rather spend 269+vat on Captivate or less than 50 on your own customised one? ;)

03-03-2006, 05:58 PM
okay okay!!! less than 50!! lol

But I could do as many as i like for that 269 +VAT!!
You'll definately get people interested as I said!! But they will either be the people with hardly anytime for anything, Lazy people or the richer people!! All of which I am not!!


03-03-2006, 06:01 PM
Yeh its ok mate, I know your not! :D

They could also be technophobes or those that simply want to have the world but want someone to do it for them...

The same applies to people wanting websites, they either do it themselves or pay someone to do it for them.

Granted a complete site is more complex but I really think there could be a market for this...

03-03-2006, 06:11 PM
O definately couldn't agree more!!

Have you decided what software you will be using? Will it be a screenshot type thing? Also I think that under 50 is a little cheap. I think you could get away with 99 for the basic type of thing.

All the best with it and keep me posted on when you plan to start offering it as a service, as no doubt some of my customers will probably be interested.

Where do you stand on using the license for your software to create work for other people as well?? Asking out of interest.


03-03-2006, 06:56 PM
Well the software I have purchased can be used for creating tutorials for anyone, is that what you meant?

I'll knock up a quick demo this evening so you can see what the finished product will look like...

03-03-2006, 07:02 PM
That'll be great! Look forward to receiving it!!


03-03-2006, 07:37 PM
Right this a VERY rough and ready demonstration, I need to polish the timings but it gives you an idea.

This tutorial is for creating a new POP3 account which I get quite a few support tickets for ;)



03-03-2006, 09:47 PM
do you mind me asking what software you used for that? Its just that I am doing a bookkeeping course at the moment and I like how smooth that runs.

I'm using captivate at the moment, but it can sometimes be a little jumpy!

04-03-2006, 09:08 AM
Camstudio does a similar thing and its free.


It records mousemovement too and you can add screen tooltips etc..

Has anyone used this before?

04-03-2006, 09:27 AM
Hi Phil

Tutorials such as these are really popular in big companies (in the past year I've covered health and safety at work and competition compliance training using such tutorials). So, personally, I think there's a real market for them... growing companies often don't have the time to adequately train new staff and some business owners just don't have the ability/patience to train people.

With respect to businesses producing them themselves... some of us struggle with turning a computer on!!! Thus, it makes more sense to outsource such work.

P.S I will be in touch in the next day or two about moving my domains... it's on the 'to do' list.


04-03-2006, 10:31 AM
Thanks for those comments. I knew there were some free alternatives but when it comes to software for my business that I am completely reliant on such as applications like this one, I would rather pay and make sure I get the full support from the vendor.

As a test of their support, I gave them a quick call to ask some basic questions and they were quick to respond and very helpful. You don't get support like this with free applications.

HellyB - Precisely the reason why I'm developing this idea, you hit the nail on the head! :)

Give me a shout about your domains if you have any questions...

04-03-2006, 11:33 AM
personally i think it would be 50x better with someone also talking you through with the video.

04-03-2006, 11:50 AM
Yep that's why I'm investing in a decent microphone as well ;)

The thing is though you would have to keep the instructional bubbles to caer for deaf users....

04-03-2006, 12:03 PM
of course they are a good idea no doubt about that. Im sure you could make some good money from this stuff.

What software are you using by the way? just curious as there are so many on the market this seems to be one of the better ones i've seen.

04-03-2006, 01:53 PM
Hi Phil,

I have seen quite a lot of these before and like them a lot, there must be a good market for them if you can tap into it.
It might be a good idea if the software allows is to produce a side bar with instructions that completes as the tutorial goes on, once finished the user can print out the instructions to keep. Just a thought.

Also, I didn't I didn't realise the first time that the there was a controller/play bar at the bottom (res 1024x768).

Good job though,


04-03-2006, 03:12 PM
Yeh the reason the player bar disappeared is that the height of the movie was quite high. It's handy though as you can rewind and replay certain parts...