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19-02-2006, 11:27 AM
Hi, we have a website www.headlesshorseman.co.uk what I would like to do is (maybe depending on cost)) add a small shop onto the site so we can sell T-Shirts and possibly extend this to other items at a later date.

It would only be a very small shop facility to start with with payment via paypal. We would only have say 2-3 items to sell to start with (and extend at a later date).

We are designers rather than developers so I'd like to outsource this to a good but cheap, experienced developer.

At the moment we are just exploring this as an option and so nothing is definitely going ahead yet. What would would like to know is a rough ball park figure for this? I know its vague and if anyone needs to ask any questions please email me hilary(at)blackpepperdesign.co.uk please NO phone calls about this just emails. I'm happy to take advice on this as we are not sure what the best option would be.