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06-02-2006, 04:38 PM
As some of you may know. My business is Property search and relocation services. There is a very specialist weekly property magazine i am interested in advertising.

It cost about 100 a week (400 a month) for a small ad about 3.5cm wide and 2cm down in the classified sections. Most of my competitors also advertise in this classified section and all the ads are small too. Circulation is 45 000every week

My other option would be to put a banner ad on their website and this will set me back about 500 a month. This is what they say the traffic is:
In excess of 1,012,000 page impressions per month
115,000 loyal users each month
These repeat customers spend an average of 10 minutes on the site. I have also checked alexa.com and it sounds about right.

lastly they send out a newletter monthly to about 9000 subsribers and it cost 500 to sponsor the newletters.

I just need to advertise in one of the three above but i am not sure whats best. Your thoughts will be appreciated

06-02-2006, 05:14 PM
Surely the middle one will be best?

The first option, although cheaper, doesn't seem good value for money because you're stuck with your competitors and it'll be hard to stand out.

The third one doesn't seem to have enough viewers compared to the middle option and if you have a banner on the website you'll stand out more. I know if you sponsor the newsletter you'll stand out but I'd rather stand out to 115,000 loyal users than 9,000 suscribers if both are the same price.

06-02-2006, 05:31 PM
can you have a smaller banner on the website for less 's?
If so..I would be tempted to go for the magazine AND a small banner (even just a text link) Magazines are great as they are on the coffe table, and property magazines hang around for a long time...even one month and then switch to web advertising can be effective.

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06-02-2006, 05:44 PM
Yes i can have a smaller button for about 250 pounds or just a text link for 50 a month

The classified section in the magazine is very strong for relocation agents because buyers use it as a directory but a banner ad maybe effective too. Oh i cant just get my head round it

06-02-2006, 05:48 PM
I agree, the magazine lasts longer and if people are using it as a directory not as classifieds then its likely to be stored or passed onto friends and family.

If you can afford then a banner ad for the following month might help to reinforce the magazine ad.


06-02-2006, 06:21 PM
When I first started advertising on sites and in magazines I deliberately changed the place where I advertised each month and took naote of how much traffic I was getting/how many orders etc and then chose which was the best place to advertise. Initially it was a little more expensive as I couldn't get the best rates by only placing one months adverts but it saved me booking 6 months worth of ads in the wrong place.

I now know where is the best place for me to advertise and that#s where I spend my money.

If I were you I'd try one month in the magazine one month on the website, decide which one worked better, then book several months so you can get a much cheaper rate.


Grounded Vertigo
06-02-2006, 07:07 PM
I would go with the magazine first as people hold onto these more and will flick through them. The web banner would be my second because whilst I would notice it when browsing it is unlikely I would remember it, whereas with the mag I would see it each time i flicked through.

Not sure that makes any sense at all!

06-02-2006, 07:35 PM

As you know, you and I are in the same sector. Have you looked at Location Location Location mag? The prices are not bad for the size of the mag.


06-02-2006, 07:36 PM
Sounds like you may be lost in a sea of ads in the magazine so maybe avoid that.

The website sounds best but bear in mind one or two things. 50 a month for a text link on a site that has high relevance to your business and receives good traffic is well worth it. If nothing else then for SEO purposes. Use your main keywords as the anchor text and keep it going for as long as you can. This will help you with Google.

With regard to a banner ad on the website I would do one or two things. 1. Take them up on the offer and get some outstanding banners done. Really think outside the box and design some creative that demands users attention.

Or, instead of a banner why not ask to sponsor a section of the site? Bit of a different approach but can be more effective than good old fashioned banners.