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Employing People

Mon, 29 July 2002

As a young entrepreneur employing people for the first time, there are a number of issues to think about, including recruitment, delegation and managing employees.
One of the biggest steps a business can take is recruiting its first employee. You suddenly have obligations - not least of which is ensuring your business generates sufficient income to pay the costs of that extra person. It is essential that you think carefully in advance - to ensure that you recruit someone with appropriate skills who fits well into the business and to get the best from them by providing effective training and development.


The aim of this, and the Related Posts below, is to guide you through the employment process. They will enable you to:
  • identify and analyse jobs;
  • define your requirements;
  • prepare a job description and person specification;
  • advertise vacancies effectively; and,
  • interview and hire personnel.


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