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Chris Hale (AcclimatiseMe)

Chris Hale won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in April 2013 for his business, AcclimatiseMe.
Entrepreneur: Chris Hale

Business: AcclimatiseMe

Location: Wakefield

Business Description

AcclimatiseMe provides simulated altitude training from the comfort of the home, ensuring clients are pre-acclimatised for their trip to altitude so they have no need to worry about getting altitude sickness. More people are striving to reach mountain summits and go on extreme adventures at altitude, but are regularly hindered by altitude sickness. AcclimatiseMe can simulate altitude up to 8000m (the top of Kilimanjaro is 6000m) and the business currently has a 100% summit success rate with its clients.

You can follow AcclimatiseMe on Twitter: @AcclimatiseMe

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