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Daniel Valdur Eha (Pure Pet Food) - 2013 Finalist

Daniel Valdur Eha won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in April 2013 for his business, Pure Pet Food.
Entrepreneur: Daniel Valdur Eha

Business: Pure Pet Food

Location: Halifax

Business Description

Pure Pet Food offers a pioneering approach to the premium dog food market. The business manufactures a dehydrated dog food which preserves its ingredients without the need for the harsh cooking processes involved in the production of commercial dry and wet foods, creating a food product with the same nutrients and goodness found in raw and homemade foods. As dog owners become more educated on what is actually in commercial foods and how they are made, many are turning to raw and home-cooked meals due to a lack of commercial options. Pure Pet Food takes away the inconvenience, health risks, and costs that raw feeding and home-cooking can bring, whilst providing a healthier alternative.

You can follow Pure Pet Food on Twitter @PurePetFood or on Facebook.

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