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Stephen John Shackleton (Petdata)

Stephen John Shackleton won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in May 2013 for his business, Pet Chipping Ltd.
Entrepreneur: Stephen John Shackleton 

Business: Petdata

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Business Description


Petdata aims to become the UK's most advanced pet recovery service: registering every microchipped pet with its ‘pet protection network’. The goal of the business is the safe and swift return of the customer’s pet should they go missing or be stolen.
Petchip is the 1st brand of microchip that aims to simplify the process, making information easily accessible to the general public ahead of the 2016 UK legislation on mandatory microchipping.  The business aims to provide a stress free system, providing pet owners with a unique opportunity to actively ensure their pet’s safety.

Petdata streamlines the pet microchipping industry, providing an integrated access point for customers such as vets, groomers, and breeders, but also allowing the general public to purchase microchips directly, especially if there isn’t a petchip supplier in their area.

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