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Andrew Reeve (Honest Brew)

Andrew Reeve won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in August 2013 for his business, Honest Brew.
Entrepreneur: Andrew Reeve

Business: Honest Brew

Location: London

Business Description

Honest Brew is an open source brewery aiming to help people create and discover beer. They offer a range of products and services including their Honest Beer range, Bespoke Beer service and Pop-up Brew Space events. The Honest Beers are co-created and open source; Honest Brew shares all their recipes online so that people can have a go at recreating them at home or at the Brew Space. Honest Brew works with organisations who want their own branded commercial beers to create their Bespoke Beers. Their Pop-Up Brew Space events are an opportunity for people to learn how to brew their own beer; they provide the equipment, recipe, ingredients and advice to help groups of people make their own beer.

You can follow Honest Brew on Twitter @HonestBrew or on Facebook.



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