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Ash Reza (Myyfeed)

Ash Reza won a Shell LiveWIRE Innovation Award in October 2014 for his business, Myyfeed.
Entrepreneur: Ash Reza

Business: Myyfeed

Location: Loughborough

Business Description           

Myyfeed designs innovative baby feeding products to help solve common problems when feeding infants. Their first product, the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer, provides an innovative new way to store and prepare baby milk.Myyfeed has designed and created a powder dispenser which attaches to the top of a baby’s bottle, allowing you to store the required amount of formula until you are ready to give it to the baby. Then simply press the push button which dispenses the formula into the hot water and mix. Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer also comes with an insulated flask.
You can follow Myyfeed on Twitter or on Facebook.

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