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Chris Dodson (Talent Cupboard) - 2011 Finalist

Chris Dodson won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for April 2011 with his business Talent Cupboard.
Entrepreneur: Chris Dodson
Business: Talent Cupboard
Location: London

Business Description

Talent Cupboard, previously known as Concept Cupboard, is an online marketplace with a social purpose. Talent Cupboard are enabling businesses to buy affordable creative services from arts students & unemployed graduates hoping to break into the creative industry. Graduate unemployment is currently at a 17-year high and so Talent Cupboard's main aim is to help students and unemployed graduates find full-time work as soon as possible. By providing them with the opportunity to work on real briefs they are able to build a commercial portfolio, earn money while they are doing it and also improve their job prospects. In return businesses get the chance to work with highly motivated, innovative people who can help their business grow.
Everything is done online. A business writes a brief describing what they are looking for. It could be anything from copy to an animation. Once on the site all of their registered creative’s will be able to read the brief, and if they are interested and are happy to work to the budget and timescales they send in a draft idea/design. Once the project closes the business reviews all of the ideas and picks their favourite. They then work together with the business then paying on completion of the work.
You can follow Talent Cupboard on Twitter @TalentCupboard

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